Senior QA Automation Engineer for Financial System

This UK-based client of DataArt conducts more than a million foreign exchange transactions a year and their forecasts of the development of the foreign exchange market are considered among the most accurate in the world.
DataArt experts began reorganizing the IT system of Monex Europe in order to improve the UI and renovate the back-end. The system stores all of the company's data (client contacts, transaction history, algorithms for calculating bonuses, pay lists etc.) and runs on the Microsoft technology stack: the database is managed by MS SQL, .NET is used as the framework, and JavaScript is used for creating the interface.
The next step of our cooperation was the parallel development of an online service system for the iOS-based mobile application.
In order to increase turnover the client needed to automate the interaction with currency buyers and sellers to the maximum. DataArt's employees implemented a significant part of the transactions in online mode, which helped to minimize the costs for conducting them that led to an increase in use and total income. The system stores all data about the transactions, and it can be accessed by both the company's employees and its customers. JavaScript and AngularJS were used to create this online system.
A native iOS application was also implemented using a similar .NET-base API but slightly expanded. The user is granted access to a restricted set of data contained in the system.
The next stage of development for our client will be to access to the market for derivatives such as futures. In order for this to happen, we need to provide our client with a scalable system that stores all the company's data. Today this data is stored in the third normal form (3NF) on the MS Azure cloud platform.
The scalable system is also required for the implementation of a new project. We have now started creating a Public API for the client.

Must have

  • Skills using Selenium WebDriver (preferably on the .NET/C# stack).
  • Knowledge of test types and methods of organizing them during the testing of different types of applications.
  • An ability to come up with and implement automated testing strategies.
  • Knowledge of making test documentation (test plans, test cases etc.).
  • 3+ years of automated testing experience.
  • Good spoken English.

Would be a plus

  • Knowledge and skills of development (OOP, knowledge of JavaScript or any other languages).
  • Basic knowledge of databases and skills working with MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any other DBMS.
  • Knowledge of and experience working with continuous integration tools (TeamCity, Jenkins).
  • An ability to learn and master new technologies.