Senior MS SQL Developer

DataArt has been engaged in software development and IT consulting since 1997. Companies that create interesting products and services have complex business processes, they want to beat the competition with the help of technology, and usually they turn to us. We, in turn, help them come up with technologies, build, implement, maintain, and upgrade them.
MS SQL developers are in demand for various DataArt projects. We have vacancies in specific projects as well as in teams that work with several clients within a particular industry. Like all our specialists, they have the opportunity to try their hands in different DataArt projects.​
It is also should be noted that we hire people not for a project but for a team. Projects change, but the DataArt network of companies with its infrastructure, support, and tools of professional development stays.
DataArt has a flat structure, which means we don’t have superiors and subordinates. The engineers directly communicate with the customers’ representatives and are free to choose the tools for the job (as long as not constrained by other factors). We have free internal language and technological courses, hold international conferences, participate in other party conferences, provide employees with insurance, and take care of them in all kinds of ways.
DataArt’s network consists of 17 sales and development centers (US, UK, Argentina, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia). Our specialists can work in any of the centers after discussing it with the project team (and if they desire to, of course).

Must have

  • 4+ years of experience developing commercial applications.
  • Practical experience developing high-load systems on MS SQL Server.
  • Knowledge of methodologies and experience designing software.
  • Understanding of ETL, Database Replication, T-SQL.
  • Experience designing schemas of high-load relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  • Experience developing and supporting Data Warehouses.
  • Good spoken English.

Would be a plus

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Knowledge of OLAP.
  • Knowledge of Ad Hoc SQL.
  • Knowledge of.NET, SharePoint.
  • Solid communicational skills.
  • Experience working with foreign clients.
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies’ development.
  • The experience of Scrum-based teamwork.
  • Experience supporting cluster MS SQL databases.
  • Knowledge of PowerShell and WMI.