Senior Infrastructure Engineer For Health Metrics App

Our client is currently creating a product that will combine advances from the healthcare, finance, and IoT industries. The software platform is designed to be used by commercial organizations. It integrates with wearable devices that trace activity and health metrics of the employees of such organizations.
A company will save on investments in healthcare (including fitness) by having physically active and healthy employees. In addition, the employees themselves will receive individual compensations based on the recordings from the platform. DataArt is optimizing the system's structure and automates its processes, which will make the product more profitable.
The server side of the platform is built on Java/Scala, Ruby, and Node.js. The user side is based on JavaScript. The user version exists as desktop and mobile (Android, iOS) versions. Among the used technologies are AWS, Docker, and MongoDB.

Must have

  • Experience working with MacOs, Linux (Debian, CentOs, CoreOs)
  • Experience using Bash
  • Solid experience working with Ruby and Java
  • Experience using Docker (container management, writing Dockerfiles, working with images, understanding its build process)
  • Experience working with Kubernetes, AWS
  • Good spoken English

Would be a plus

  • Experience working with Ansible, Jenkins